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After being bed-ridden for three weeks with an aggressive flu, I was ready for some colour and beauty. 

I opened my laptop and scrolled through numerous Pinterest feeds and stopped in my tracks when I saw vivid impressions of views and vista's that were all too familiar.

This had to be South Africa.

It turned out that I had landed on the Social Feed of South African Fine Artist, Malcolm Dewey. I did a little digging and discovered that Malcolm hosted an artist podcast and because I was going nowhere, just waiting for my fever to dissipate, I took a listen.

I think it must have been in the third episode in which Malcolm talks about following your art dream, and that we should quit making excuses and get going. He literally said...'if you want to make an artist podcast then just do it'!!!!

Because I was considering starting my own artist podcast for many years his words really hit home. I vowed that as soon I was feeling better I would make a plan and get my podcast in the air. And the rest is history.

I am honoured to have him on my show as this is all really his fault:-)


Last week we talked and Malcolm shared more of his personal artist journey.


Malcolm always knew that he wanted to be an artist but chose to study law instead. Many years later he took bold steps and exchanged his law practise for an artists life.


He has never looked back and now works and sells his art all over the globe.


In this episode Malcolm shares:

  • what steps he took to transition from a career he was not happy in to pursue his love of painting,
  • the three most important ingredients that constitutes his art,
  • why art is important,
  • what he would tell parents who's kids want to go to art school,
  • what he loves about being an artist,
  • what he dislikes about being an artist,
  • more about the artists that inspire him.


Malcolm has a special artist resource for you to enjoy. Click on the link below to access the resource.



Find out more about Malcolm here:





Contact details

Website: https://www.malcolmdeweyfineart.com

Painting Courses: https://www.malcolmdeweyfineart.com/painting-course.html 

Instagram: http://instagram.co/malcolmdeweyfineart

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malcolmdeweyfineart


Find out more about Artists that Inspire Malcolm

Roos Schuring 

Claude Monet 

Edgar Payne

William Wentworth

Joachim Sorolla

Kevin Mac Pherson


Contemporary Russian Impressionists

Bato Dugarzaphov

Peter Bezrukov

Daniel Volkov


Recommended reading

Robert Henry - The Artist Spirit

Kevin Mac Pherson


Quote by Robert Henry


'All things change according to the state we are in . Nothing is fixed.'

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