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A Step-by-Step Framework to turn your Passion into a Profession

Don't spend another year only wishing to be a happy, working artist.

Start to turn your art dream into a plan that helps you make better art, sell more work and connect with collectors in a more meaningful way.

Whether you are just starting out or have been a working artist for awhile, your growth and success is all about taking action. Finding ways to get your art out of your studio and into the hands (and hearts) of an audience that is appreciative and willing to pay what it’s worth.

If you're tired of making your art, only to have it sitting around your studio collecting dust and you are ready to find new and exciting ways to connect you art with your specific art audience.


If you're frustrated that all your social posting is getting you now where, showing little to no results but you want to move forward and you don’t know where to start.... then this podcast is for you.

To help you find out what your nest steps are I’ve created a clear framework for you to follow.


In this episode I breakdown this ARTIST SUCCESS FRAMEWORK is easy do-able steps.


The Artist Success Framework we will be looking at these important 3 areas:

  1. ARTIST - Who you are as an Artist?
  2. ART - What kind of Art are you making?
  3. AUDIENCE - How are you going to connect that with an art Audience?


Each of these 3 crucial parts build on each other, so that at the end of the framework you'll have a strong and steady foundation that you can build on for the rest of your art career.


Let's have a closer look at these 3 pillars that support your Creative Business


 1. ARTIST - the internal and external life of an artist and how they effect mindsets, motives and decisions.


 2. ART - creating art and growing a healthy art business that builds on your strengths and reflects your authentic self.


 3. AUDIENCE - aligning your unique personality and your art with an audience that appreciates and is attracted to that what you do and have to say.


In episode 37 I break down each of these pillars and how you can apply these in your art and art business.



When these 3 pillars are in balance you will start to find your art success sweet-spot!

If you get clear about these 3 areas you will start to make your art with more confidence, promote it with more clarity and sell your art with more connection.

I've has broken down all the moving parts of setting up a business structure around your creativity so that you can beat the overwhelm and create momentum.  These important steps lie at the heart of everything I teach.


Your creative success won’t just happen by chance. It takes careful preparation and planning. 

To get you excited about what is possible for your art and your art career I’ve created a special resource for you to download.

The Artist Success Guide is here to help you take your NEXT STEPS.

 The questions and tasks will give you more clarity as to how to connect your art with your potential art buyer.

 Head over to my  website to access this Artist Success Guide



Each day (for 7 days) you'll get the next step of the 7-Step Framework, filled with inspiring examples, direct tasks and actions steps, sent directly to your inbox.

If you commit to getting it done and taking action on the tasks, then you'll start to see results and have more eyes on your art by the end of the guide!

Enjoy the podcast and be inspired as you take steps towards more artistic success by following the GUIDE.

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