Can you remember where you were this time last year?

How did you feel about your art?

What were your aspirations for this year?

This year might have sprung you some surprises, but you hung in there, showed up, and got to work.

Your journey as an artist won't always be smooth and easy. Your income will fluctuate, your energy will shift, and your focus will change as projects come and go.

Growing as an artist is a continual process of anticipating, pivoting, and learning. Not all your actions will be as successful. It's often in these not-so-successful moments that real growth happens.

Take a moment to envision where you would like to be this time next year.

Where do you see opportunities & growth for your art practice?

In this episode, I'll be highlighting five areas of your art practice that you can restructure and align to see more growth in the future….no matter what is happening in the world.


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