How Artist Attic Online Can Help Artists Sell Their Artwork

Noting that the biggest challenge facing artists today is finding an audience to whom they can sell, Mauritz Briët is helping to bridge the gap with his online art sales platform Artist Attic Online. 

 Leveraging his thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry as a television producer, Mauritz Briët recognises that social media has become saturated and expensive to advertise on.

 As such, it’s more difficult than ever to get your work seen enough to consistently generate sales. 


Mauritz points out that even in a gallery where many are intently interested in the artworks, only a small portion are actually likely to buy the work – and this fraction is even smaller online.

 What’s more, he notices that many artists don’t know how – or don’t have the resources – to market themselves successfully, to get enough people to view their art across platforms or on their website.

 However, equipped with the experience and skillset many artists lack, Mauritz is setting out to solve this problem with Artist Attic Online.


Artist Attic was created to help artists sell their artwork online.

 One Christmas, Mauritz was spending time with his girlfriend, her mother, and her boyfriend. The pair were both artists, and as Mauritz walked through the house he noticed their artworks dotted about the house; they explained that they weren’t comfortable selling them and wouldn’t know how to.


When Mauritz talked to them more, he found out that the mother’s boyfriend had an apartment in Amsterdam full of paintings that he didn’t know what to do with.

 Mauritz realised that there must be thousands of artists in similar predicaments – with attics chock full of incredible art that they couldn’t sell – and began forming the idea of Artist Attic Online.


How Artist Attic Online helps artists sell their artwork.

 Simply put, Artist Attic Online is an online art sales platform. However, as a result of Mauritz's background in television production and experience in the fashion world, it more closely resembles a gallery, with an emphasis on aesthetics and heart.


When shoppers arrive to the site, they can browse through paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs, displayed next to their price, giving browsers the opportunity to stalk through the art and letting their eye be drawn to their favourites – without barrages of text obstructing their experience.


Unlike many art buying platforms, Artist Attic Online helps less established artists find an audience while giving art lovers the opportunity to buy genuinely affordable art. Viewing the artists themselves as content, Mauritz couldn’t understand how the art world had failed to use the personalities of the artists to enhance the value and ‘heart’ of the art.


Artist Attic Online Uses Artists’ Personalities to Sell Art.

 Producer turned entrepreneur Mauritz Briët began using the artists’ personalities as a selling point for the art sold on the site, publicizing short-form video marketing content across social media that showcased the artist's individuality.  After all, art is personal.  


The entrepreneur hypothesizes that most buyers on the platform buy from people they like, as the video content provides a way to connect with the individual behind the artwork – adding heart to art and increasing its value. These videos showcase what drives the artists to get up in the morning, how much coffee they drink, and what makes them laugh, more than what kind of education they’ve received.

Mauritz notes that art is “a visualisation of your personality; it’s inspiration” and with Art Attic Online he hopes to join people all around the world with the art they can most connect with.


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