An Artist Statement is a document that articulates WHO you are, describes WHAT you do and voices the 'WHY' behind your art. It draws your art viewer into a more personal and in-depth experience of your art. 

This builds trust and adds value which are important ingredients when promoting and selling your art.

11 Reasons why an ARTIST STATEMENT is important

1.   You are declaring that who you are and what you do is important,
2.   It shows that you have a professional mindset and are serious about your art,
3.   It communicate that you have something to say,
4.   It helps you filter out the noise and helps you articulate what is important to you,
5.   It is a ‘note to self’ that prevents the overwhelm when new opportunities arise,
6.   Your statement sets boundaries and helps you focus,
7.   It forces you to make choices and brings clarity,
8.   It builds trust and connection with potential buyers,
9.   It is a framework you can use for your press-kit or on your social media platforms,
10. It makes it easier to market your work and find your potential collectors,
11. Choosing intentional words to communicate your art online allows search engines to find you.



1.  Start with a strong opening sentence,
2.  Keep your statement simple and concise, (250 to 350 words)
2.   Choose whether you will use the 1st of 3rd person and use it consistently,
3.   Use your own words and avoid art jargon,
4.   Avoid vague, elaborate or confusing sentences,
4.   Share a personal detail or story,
5.   Include interesting facts about your art or life,
6.   Add achievements and noteworthy accomplishments,
7.   Allow your words and idea’s to have logical flow, that are easy to    read,
8.   Read it out aloud and ask feedback,
9.   Be honest and real,
10. Take your time to write it,
11. Proofread and proofread again.

Writing an ARTIST STATEMENT takes time and conscious thought but once you have it written it will prove to be a valuable document that you can use on many occasions.


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