'The more we know about our past the better prepared we are for the future.' Theodore Roosevelt

This certainly rings true when it comes to the role of the artist.

In order for us to fully embrace our role and calling as an artist we need to have a better understanding as to how this role has evolved through the centuries.

Maybe you are not into history and were always falling asleep during class then bare with me. You will discover that the role of the artist has been at the heart of many heated debates and marvellous misconceptions.

In this podcast you will get the answers to these questions:

  • Is there any connection between the way my grandmother thinks about art and the ancients Greeks?
  • Did Mozart have divine skills or did he have to sweat bullets in order to compose his concertos?
  • Why chaos broke out when Michelangelo revealed his' The Last Judgement' in the Sistine Chapel?
  • Why artists left their workshops and went to study at art academies?
  • Why no genius's could ever come from Belgium or The Netherlands?
  • What happened on 26 June 1988?
  • If the answers to these questions will help you make better art?

 This podcast will help you discover that being an artist is all about being wonderfully human. It has little to do with being crazy or super-human.

 Being an artist is all about being you, finding your voice, finding your song, finding your colour and expressing it. We have the privilege to depict and reflect life whether we are sitting in a valley or standing on the mountain top.

 Start today. Decide that you and your art are important. Get out your brushes, your pens and your papers and get to work….joyfully!

 In order to become the artist that you are meant to be you first need to unravel any misconception or myths you may still have about being an artist.  

Visual Podcast Resources 

Michelangelo's Final Judgement - Sistine Chapel - Rome, Italy

Can you spot poor old naked Biagio (hint: bottom right hand corner, the one with the snake wrapped his torso)


This is how the Dutch Celebrate Victory! 26 June 1988 - the day I arrived in The Netherlands :-)


The Creative Curve - Allen Gannett, chapter 3 (recommended read)

Eyewitness Italy - Dorling Kindersley Books, page 416

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