Does the word 'sales' or 'marketing' cause you to break out in a sweat and get you running for the hills.

You are not alone!

The endless possibilities we have through social media and internet can leave artists feeling overwhelmed and it is difficult to know where and to whom to sell your art.

This is the reason I am so excited about connecting with Art Consultant, Philipp Döbeli.

Philipp is a Swiss businessman who loves helping artists sell and market their work.

In this podcast he shares valuable insights about marketing and selling art successfully.

He challenges artists to change the way they think about sales. He is convinced that their is an audience ready and waiting to buy your art.

Or as Philipp puts it: 'It is up to the artist to reach out and awaken their audience.'

He has a refreshing look at reaching a potential art buyer and shares the three golden rules that will help you boost your sales and help you grow your art business.


To help you get a better understanding about your audience and how to reach them more effectively with your art I have prepared this special free worksheet for you to download.

Key Insights

This episode is incredibly insightful and practical. Here are a few key insights: 

>>[03:34] There is a real need to combine the two fields of art and business.

>>[03:55] Artist don't value the business side as much as they could and they think it is a black hole and that business it very different to what they do. There is a prejudice and there are obstacles for artists to overcome before they can start selling their art successfully.

>>[04:40] Artists bring so much with them especially the creative thinking and if they can embed this in their business they will rock the business side as well.

>>[04:45] Number one issue is to give business a priority and recognize that this important.

>>[05:32] It does not matter how good your art is but if you can't sell it then there is a problem.

>>[06:00] Start to see the potential that your work has. There are people out there waiting for your art and that can benefit and are inspired by your art. You are allowed to charge money for your art.

>>[06:42] Adding a price to your art is only a sign of value. So if what you do adds value then add a price and charge money for it.

>>[06:56] There are so many possibilities when it comes to selling your art.

>>[07:03] Money is NEVER the problem. There is so much money on the planet and so many people willing to invest in art that is more about finding these people and making your art know to this audience.

>>[07:32] Awaken a desire in your audience to want to have your art and to what you have to say.

>>[07:47] Step 1: Make Business a PRIORITY

>>[08:53] Don't be afraid to fail! Ask business people or experts for advice. Look out for networking events or co-working space and connect with business minded people.

>>[10:09] Art consumers are everywhere and it can be anyone.

>>[10:40] Practical steps in incorporating business into your art schedule.

>>[11:40] Your potential art audience is thinking about their life and are in their own world. You need to find a way to connect with them in their world. Communicate and share your passion with them.

>>[12:19] Art buyers don't only invest in what we make but in WHO WE ARE.

>>[12:53] Communicate as clearly as possible what you are doing and why you are doing it.

>>[13:20] Start a conversation with your audience. It is good for artist to know what views are thinking when they see their art. Your art may release something in a person that that you never thought about.

>>[14:07] Make your art about the other person. Invite them into your world and value them.

>>[14:35] Step 2: Get HELP!!! You can't and don't have to do everything by yourself. There are so many people out there with different skill sets that are happy to help you.

>>[16:25] Be creative as to how you make a deal. Money does not always have to be part of the deal. To start off you can offer your art or services in exchange for help in certain area's.

>>[17:22] Step 3: Less is MORE - Be Strategic

>>[18:05] Find the marketing method or system that makes the biggest impact on your art business and FOCUS on this.

>>[18:30] There is no one way but you must be willing try different things and see what works for you.

>>[18:56] Ask yourself these questions:

                 - Who is my ideal audience?

                 - Where can I find them?

                 - What forms of communication do they use?

                 - How can you reach them with your art?

>>[21:04] Building an art business takes time and perseverance.

>>[21:50] If you are starting out it is wise to keep your day job. It does not mean that you are less passionate if you are not working 100% in your art business. It takes time and build up your art career step by step.

>>[23:35] Your ART will only be as healthy as your HEART.

>>[23:45] It may be true that only 1 out of 5 artist can be successful but this does not reflect what is actually possible.

>>[24:36] Successful artists realize that they have to do more than just make their art. They overcome the prejudice and learn how to awaken the need in someone for your art.

>>[18:56] Artists have a lot to offer others. You can not only monetize on your art but also the process of making your art. You can teach others, inspire others and get paid for it.

>>[26:54] Successful Swiss Artists mentioned:

Cornelia Egli

Ruth Truttmann



Philipp Döbeli loves to initiate and bring new ideas to life. He holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration and had the privilege to gain experience in various fields such as industrial goods, software, fast moving consumer goods and cosmetics.
In 2017 he founded his own company "Free ONE ", offering a natural perfume.
Philipp is married, has two kids and resides in Switzerland.
If you would like consulting from Philipp please contact him directly via [email protected]

Instagram: phildoebeli

Philipp's Favourite Book for Artists
Philipp's Favourite Quote
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More about artists mentioned in this interview:
Ruth Truttmann: http://www.truth-art.ch/


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