Feeling stuck? Have you lost your creative flow?

Finding motivation is part of an Artist’s job description! 

Only YOU are the motor behind your creativity and it takes courage to get up, show up and do the work.

Even though you spend many hours in your studio creating you are never alone. You take your past, your friends, your critical sibling, the art world and your own ideas and thoughts with you.

It is a crowded place. It is an art in itself and the challenge for every artist to quiet these voices and find peace with yourself so that you can feel motivated and get to work.

When we have a better understanding of the forces that drive us (or don’t) we can get to work to finding and staying in our creative groove.

In this podcast I share more about the creative process and how artists can find and stay in their creative flow.

So grab a cup of coffee, put down your brushes and pens, and listen in.

Key Insights

This episode is incredibly insightful and actionable. Here are a few key insights: 

>>[01:09] As an artist you are your own CEO, you are the boss of your own art business. You spend many hours in your studio creating and only YOU are the motor behind your creativity. It takes courage to get up, show up and do the work. Everyday, not only when we feel like it.

>>[01:34] Chuck Close, an American painter, known for his massive photorealistic portraits is known to have said..’ Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work.’

>>[2:44] Research shows that 5 things separate the amateur from the professional artist. Discover what these 5 things are in this Free Download

>>[01:34] In creativity there is something known as the Creative Curve.

>>[06:18] Many artist hang around the edges of their creativity and never really dive in and create. As artist we need to embrace and recognise our  doubts and fears. Just recognizing them and acknowledging them takes away the sting. It helps to write down these feelings, expose there ugly voices and decide you are going to listen to another voice… exchange your what if’s with YES, I can!

>>[07:50] Procrastination is an emotion! Emotions are not the truth, they are just that… an emotion. This emotion is pointing you in a direction. Find what this feeling of procrastination is pointing you too. Is it fear or boredom? Do you need to change your technique or get help in the area you feel insecure? You need to slow down in order to face it and feel it! When you feel those moments of delay, the distractions, doing everything but your art then reflect on what you are feeling and what this is saying about yourself and your art. Turn this feeling, this emotion into a gift, a friend pointing your somewhere up and out.

>>[09:44] What drives you? What do you need in order to be and stay motivated?

>>[09:59] Motivations can be both external and they can be internal.

>>[10:43] In this time of social media and online life we can be bombarded with tips, tricks and help resources that have the best intentions but can leave us feeling overwhelmed and ultimately paralysed. You have to find out what works for you. Try out different things and discover what you are passionate about and what gets your creative juices flowing. There Is not a one size fits all when it comes to motivation. The artist that knows how to connect with his or herself is the artist that will have a sustainable and fulfilled art career.

>>[12:47] I have made a worksheet for you to download. In this worksheet I list the 24 most common character traits that will help you narrow down your own character. Finding out what character traits intrinsically drive you is step ONE in discovering your motivation and what you need in order to have a steady flow in your art and art business.

>>[13:23] Chuck Close was affected by a catastrophic spinal artery collapse in 1988. This attack left him severely paralyzed and terribly handicapped. Despite his disability he still continues to paint everyday and he still teaches and sells his painting to collectors worldwide. Here are 2 examples of Chuck Closes extraordinary portraits.>> And lots more! Tune in now.


Quotes mentioned in this podcast

’ Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work.’

                                                                                                     CHUCK CLOSE


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