Turn Your Creative Passion Into A Thriving Art Practice With THRIVE

An easy-to-follow online membership for the best support, connection & learning for visual artists like YOU, ready to confidently make, market & sell art without the overwhelm of having to figure everything out by yourself


Have you ever wondered what successful artists are doing to sell their art & build thriving art practices? 

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If you're ready to build a sustainable, recurring income with your art but have no idea where to start


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You are tired of having to figure everything out by yourself and you need a clear step-by-step plan to market & sell your art


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Familiar ways of selling your art are no longer that effective and you're looking for new & exciting ways to connect with buyers & grow your collector base


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Sonja Smalheer - Art Coach & Mentor

As an art coach, I've helped hundreds of artists all over the world turn their artistic passions into meaningful art practices. In THRIVE, I'd love to show how you can create with more freedom, find buyers that connect with your work and help you figure out the business side of your art without it draining all your energy.  


THRIVE  is not an art course but a membership for visual artists committed to turn their art into a meaningful, sustainable art practice



Get the full THRIVE experience for only €30/month.* 

*Your rate will be set and will not increase as long as you are part of the program.

When you join, you'll have access to an ever-growing library of inspirational, motivational & educational videos, podcasts, resources, coaching & critique sessions, art experts sessions, monthly Q&A sessions, and so much more!

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Take a Peek Inside Thrive

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Thriving & Supportive Community

Share your work and get feedback & support from our friendly artist community. Our members are eager to share ideas, their latest hacks, and upcoming events, and of course, give you constructive feedback on how you can elevate your work & build your art practice.

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Art Business Foundations

Want to build a thriving art business? This course identifies five key areas you as a visual artist must focus on to set up a thriving art practice, create recurring revenue, and accelerate your art career. These quick-start modules are easy to follow and are accessible in your library with downloadable worksheets, templates & checklists.

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In-Depth Audio & Video Lessons

As an artist, mentor & teacher Sonja Smalheer has created a stellar library for members (that's always growing), including 3 Effective Marketing Strategies, Creating an Artist Website that Works, Putting more You in your Art, and many more to come.

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Live Sessions

We'll meet each other in our closed student-only member's area for our monthly 'Thrive Live' with Sonja Smalheer. This live session will give us a chance to personally connect and you can ask all your questions. Don’t worry if you ever miss a session you’ll find all the previous sessions are archived and ready for you to access.

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Art Expert Sessions

Each month an art industry expert, like gallerists, curators, art jurors, artists, and other specialists will be joining us in the program to share their first-hand experiences on how you can enlarge your reach & find more exposure as a professional artist building an art practice. You'll have a chance to interact with them in our live sessions & ask them questions.

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Cases Study Interviews

Dynamic & inspiring interviews with members artists where Sonja coaches them 1-on-1 through their art & business challenges.

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Challenge & Critique Sessions

You’ll find art challenges, critique sessions, access to art masterclasses, exclusive resources and so much more. All there for you to take your next steps, find the support you need, from me, the art experts, and a motivated community of artists so that you can consistently and successfully make, market, & sell your art.

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Members Area

You'll find all the video & audio lessons, worksheets, templates, checklists, recordings, resources & bonus materials in our beautifully designed members area. All the content is easy to follow and there for you to access when you join the mentoring program.


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"I found focus & fresh motivation."

Sonja gave me the confidence to talk and write about my work.  She explained the importance of focusing on one technique/style that shows what you and your art are about. Sonja inspired and motivated me to become a more successful artist and this is just the beginning. Sonja’s mentoring program allows me to grow even further.

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"I love the connection with the other artists."

Thrive gives me insights into where I am in my artist success path. I love the connection with other artists, giving each other advice and sharing knowledge and stories.



This could be you...

When you start to create focus & clarity for your art business you too will see a transformation take place. It's not too late. There has never been a better or easier way to learn the skills you need to turn your creativity into a happy, healthy art business.


You'll have access to an ever-growing library of inspirational, motivational & educational videos, podcasts, resources, coaching & critique sessions, art experts sessions, monthly Q&A sessions, and so much more!





Get full access to all the membership benefits and resources on a month to month basis

  • Immediate Access to Thrive Members Area
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  • Resource Library
  • Live QA Sessions
  • Art Expert Sessions
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Get the full THRIVE experience with immediate access to all the modules, courses, lessons, worksheets, community support, art expert & Q&A sessions for just €30.-/ month.

This rate will never be this cheap again and will go up as the program grows and expands. If you sign up for THRIVE, your rate will be fixed and will not change as long as you are part of the program. Give Thrive a try. No risk; you can cancel per month.

'I look forward to joining you in THRIVE and to support you as you grow to become your creative best.'



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